I'm living in a world of goldfish.
  • gacfan4ever:

    Any time Patrick Stump hears someone mention “thanks, Pete”

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  • whataboutmcr:

    Seeing Pete’s new hair

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    • If you don't like Folie Á Deux then you can Folie Á Delete yourself from my life.
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  • tiredbutstillpunk:

    Fall Out Blonde featuring such hits as

    -Where is your bleach tonight
    -Blonde is so ten years ago
    -Dead ends arrival
    -Our lawyer made us change our hair color so we wouldn’t get sued

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  • tuukka-rask:

    if a girl wants to watch a sport because she thinks a player is hot then let her, it’s not like guys watch the VS fashion show because they want to buy new bras. 

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  • officialunitedstates:

    FACT OF THE DAY:  mars is called the red planet because during the cold war it sided with the communists

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  • canadianslut:

    Can I suck your dick?
    *Teacher pops out of nowhere*: I don’t know, CAN you??

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  • jaclcfrost:



    if magic isn’t real then how do you explain


    It hardens because the chocolate cools on the cold ice cream. Put a bottle in the fridge and wait. It’ll be a hunk of chocolate

    no i’m pretty sure it’s magic it even says “magic” on the bottle and it’s got a snazzy turtle in a hat a magician would wear with a magic wand

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